Scottish Big Cat Society
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The Scottish Big Cat Society

The Scottish Big Cat Society
The Scottish Big Cat Society was formally set up in April 2002 by the members of Scottish Big Cats. The first AGM was held in December 2002 when the Society's first office bearers were elected. .

In June 2003, the Scottish Big Cat Society obtained charitable status as the Scottish Big Cat Trust. .

Recognised by Inland Revenues Charities as a Scottish Charity with number SC034578

Scottish Trust Gains Charitable Status to Research Wildlife

The Scottish Big Cat Trust has been awarded charitable status, enabling it to continue its work studying naturalised Non-Native Cats in Scotland.

The Trust (formerly Scottish Big Cats / Scottish Big Cat Society), which is at the forefront of research into Non-Native Cats, provides public access to a database of over 1000 sightings, as well as further information on the Cats that are currently living freely in the Scottish Countryside.

John Murray, Scientific Officer for the Trust explained:

"The recognition of the Trust as a charity will ensure we can continue our work researching the Cats that are free living in Scotland and in turn educating the public regarding what species are present. While SBCT in no way whatsoever advocates the illegal release of these animals into the wild, we also have no wish to capture or eradicate them. Our aims are to study, learn and educate.

(SBCT does appreciate that in certain circumstances the authorities may have to take appropriate action with regard to public safety).

The Trust has a team of highly respected researchers who can provide comment and advice for publications and organisations wishing to produce accurate material relating to Scottish Cats. In addition they have research links with a variety of specialists in Cat behaviour throughout the World.

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